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Simply use the nomination form to get the nomination process started. Before you start, it’s important to know that The Click List is NOT a speakers bureau or booking platform, not do we take a fee. Put simply, it’s a publicly available resource to make it easier to find female tech speakers, panellists, experts, MC’s and facilitators.

ALL nominations are vetted by the program leader, who is a Vic ICT for Women Board Member, before proceeding, so you know the focus is on quality speakers.

Speakers are added to The Click List via:

  • Nomination;
  • Self-nomination; and
  • Board nominations

The form on this page is the starting point! Once filled out, the nomination will be reviewed by the Program Lead, then the proposed speaker will be contacted.

This point of contact allows full vetting, sharing of T&C’s and expectations, and the full agreement and participation of all parties.

Let’s roll!


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