Sharon Samson

Sharon specialises in digital software engineering, continuous delivery and release train engineering at scale @ANZ_AU. Sharon is results driven with a focus on Web based applications, API ecosystems and systems integration.

She has extensive experience within complex ecosystems, adopting a blend of agile methodologies. Interested to share experiences adopting agile as scale (up to 22 squads) having successfully implemented a single complex release train across the bank, that is delivering value every 6 weeks across 16+ web applications.

From Program Increment planning, backlog management, creating an engineering culture, devops, automating for speed, continuous delivery to release train engineering. I have successes, some failures and pivots to share.

Sharon is an agent for change, an entrepreneurial thinker, STEM for kids and diversity advocate and a servant leader. Her greatest joys are her children, innovation of any kind, cooking, swimming and travel.